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Android L Preview ROM + Root for Nexus 5! [LPV81C UPDATE]


Finally!  Thanks to XDA user vomer, now you do not have to install the firmware manually but easily install it using CWM/TWRP recovery by using a flashable zip file.

This is exact same version of Android L Preview firmware, but you can easily get it without having all of your storage erased.  Now you can try it out easily by making a backup ROM, then installing the Android L Preview ROM.  Once you are done, you can restore your old ROM back so definitely give this beasty L Preview a try this week(end) and do let me know what you think!

To get root with Android L Pre

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How to Install Android 5.0 L Preview on Nexus 5!

howto-install-android5.0-L-preview-nexus5-1 Google has just released Android 5.0 L Preview for Nexus 5 today.  Now this isn’t a consumer’s version but a “preview” version for developers.  There’s plenty bugs and some of your favorite apps may not work so I do suggest making a backup ROM before trying this.

UPDATE: There’s now Android 5.0 L Preview ROM you can install, you do not need to do this anymore!

Also, installing this Android L Preview will erase everything on your

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Android 4.4.3 Stock ROM + Root for Nexus 5!


Google has released Android 4.4.3 for Nexus 5 couple days ago and if you have not updated yet to Android 4.4.3, you can easily grab the Android 4.4.3 Stock ROM with root for your Nexus 5.

This is exact, identical version of the released stock firmware but you can easily flash it using CWM or TWRP recovery since it’s in CWM/TWRP-flashable zip format, the preferable method to update for rooted Nexus 5 users.

There are some major updates under the hood although there’s not much visual changes other than the dialer and version change to 4.4.3.  You will find m

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